3 Cheap Online MSN Programs

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is a graduate-level degree for individuals seeking to become advanced practice registered nurses or other upper-level nursing or health care careers. The programs typically provide instruction on advanced topics in nursing theory, nursing ethics, pharmacology, patient care, and research. Graduates of MSN degrees are in high demand, and with today’s technology there is a variety of online programs available. With that being said, a lot of MSN programs are very expensive and many students have to pay a lot of money out of pocket, even after financial aid. However, there are various high-quality online programs that do not come with a hefty price tag.

Grantham University

Grantham University offers online MSN programs with concentrations in case management, nursing informatics, nursing education, and nursing management and organizational research. The programs focus on the current trends in the nursing profession, such as research and evidence-based practice, management and leadership, preventing disease and promoting good health, and diversity. The programs require a total of 36 credit hours and all requirements can be completed online. Students complete courses in healthcare systems, foundations of advanced practice nursing, modern organizations healthcare, diverse populations and healthcare, and legal and ethical issues of advanced practice nursing. Students are required to complete a major applied research paper at the end of their program for graduation. The tuition rates for graduate degree programs at Grantham University are $325 per credit hour, with an estimated total tuition of $11,700 for the entire program.

Aspen University

Aspen University offers an online MSN program with specializations in nursing education and nursing administration and management. The program strives to help current registered nurses expand their careers as nurse managers, nurse educators, and nurse administrators. Students gain a comprehensive education that focuses on nursing theory and research and hands-on experiences in today’s constantly changing healthcare environment. The program requires a total of 36 credit hours including six core courses and six specialization courses. The core courses include health care systems, research design, legal and ethical issues in health care, theoretical foundations, diverse populations and health care, and nursing capstone. Students must also complete a proctored examination. Aspen University’s tuition rate for the online MSN program is $333.33 per credit hour, with a projected total cost of $12,000 for the degree.

Liberty University

Liberty University offers an online MSN program with concentrations in nurse educator and nurse administrator. The program prepares students to pursue careers as advanced practice nurses that incorporate Christian principles in their practices. It features practicum experiences that are modified to meet the interests of individual students. The practicum experiences take place in either healthcare or education settings. The online MSN program requires a total of 42 credit hours, including 15 credit hours of core curriculum classes and 27 credit hours of concentration courses. The core curriculum includes nursing theory and advanced practice, health policy and ethics, research, managing population health, and nursing trends, informatics, and health technology. The cost per credit hour is $465, which is based on full-time enrollment. The estimated cost for the program is $17,850.

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